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  • Article
  • August, 2014
  • The New Rules For Designing Fixed-Mobile Bundles: Winning With Convergence
  • Wolfgang Bock, Alexander Dahlke, Tobias Schmitter
  • For integrated telcos, offers of convergence have long been tempting propositions with an elusive payoff. Traditional fixed-mobile bundles could be easily replicated and undersold by competitors, and the resulting price wars canceled out market share gains. But a new approach that emphasizes value over discounts finally allows telcos to reap the rewards.
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  • Article
  • July, 2014
  • 2014 BCG Local Dynamos: How Companies in Emerging Markets Are Winning at Home
  • Vincent Chin, David Michael
  • In emerging markets, homegrown companies are moving beyond advantages built on cheap labor to transform the constraints of those economies into profitable opportunities and become thriving commercial enterprises. To spotlight their secrets and successes, we have compiled a list of 50 of these local dynamos.
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  • Article
  • June, 2014
  • Pathways Conjoint: A New Approach to Pricing Mobile
  • Stefan Hoffmann, Pierre-Yves Jolivet, Maikel Wilms
  • Facing declining margins in voice and text, mobile operators must center plans around data and price them at optimal levels. While traditional approaches tend to set prices too low, a new BCG methodology results in more accurate pricing by identifying and factoring in how consumers really make purchasing decisions.

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