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  • Article
  • May, 2016
  • How Hardware Makers Can Win in the Software World
  • Massimo Russo, George Bene, Sanjay Verma, Aakash Arora
  • Manufacturers of everything from medical devices to farm equipment are recognizing the big opportunities that exist in software solutions and services—and investing accordingly. But the results have been mixed. A major reason: many companies have not grasped that hardware and software businesses require radically different business models.
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  • Focus
  • May, 2016
  • Digital Technologies Raise the Stakes in Customer Service
  • Dag Fredrik Bjørnland, François Boulard, Nicolas Harlé, Yair Lehrer, Franck Luisada
  • Today's customer service pathways are particularly challenging: they involve many channels, platforms, devices, and points of interaction—which customers use in complex ways. To get customer service right, companies must manage all aspects of the increasingly digital customer relationship.
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  • Article
  • May, 2016
  • Internet for All
  • Wolfgang Bock, Hans Kuipers, Maikel Wilms, Michael Garabet
  • Some 4 billion people—more than 55% of the world’s population—are not online. A new report by the World Economic Forum, prepared in collaboration with BCG, shows that significant progress has been made since this “digital divide” first became apparent. But the problem is big, complex, and multidimensional, and there is much more to do.
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